Why Do Kittens Knead?

What does a cat have in common with a baker? Of course the obvious answer is they knead. Have you ever wondered why they do that?

Why does a cat “knead” or “make biscuits”?

When a kitten is nursing, it typically kneads its paws against its mother, either as a sign of contentment or to encourage the milk flow. When the cat matures, it kneads to show its contentment and pleasure.

Here is one more from Pet Place.com

Some cats are so “kneady.” They push and pull their paws in and out on soft surfaces like the bedspread, the carpet, their beds – even you. Sometimes this is accompanied by a bit of drooling. Your kitty may look absolutely contented during such episodes and may even purr.

Several theories exist for the behavior. Some people think it stems from them being weaned too young. Some think it is because they were weaned too late. The most logical explanation, however, is that it’s simply a comfort behavior that cats remember from when they are babies. Nursing kittens use similar paw and arm movements to stimulate milk flow from their mothers’ breasts. Momma cat also kneads the sleeping area to create a nice soft surface for her and her kittens. Whatever the precise reason for kneading, one thing is for sure: A kneady cat is a happy cat.

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