Why Having Pets Is So Good For You

Our pets are often extensions of our own family, and many people would consider their pets more important to them than their own friends. Pets come in all shapes and sizes; no one pet is the same. There are seemingly countless benefits to having pets, from reducing anxiety to reducing symptoms of depression.

Our pets are not just members of the family, but for some, medicine. It has been proven in recent years that having a pet can be a huge stress reducer and that by spending time every day with your pet, stroking it and talking to it, you see a huge reduction in mental health ailments and seriously improve your life. Having pets is undoubtedly good for you, but why? Here are some reasons.

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Make Sure You Treat Your Pet Well

Before moving on to why having a pet is so good, it is important to stress that if you do own a pet, you should treat it as well as you can. Animals have feelings too, and while you may own your pet, that does not give you the right to mistreat it; animals cannot speak for themselves, so you are by all accounts your pets representative, and therefore, it is essential that you treat your pet admirably and make sure it is always happy and healthy.

Always make sure you keep your pet in good shape, too, and whether you buy supplements from a website or a health food store, make sure you have enough in your cupboard to keep your pet running fit. Animal cruelty is disgusting and unforgivable, and those who are guilty of incidents of animal cruelty will often be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Animal cruelty has many definitions.

Some pet owners may not know that if they neglect to maintain their pet’s health and fail to keep it groomed and in good condition, this can be seen as a form of animal cruelty, and if your veterinarian finds out you have been doing this, you can be prosecuted and have your pet taken away, which of course nobody wants and to some would seem almost devastating.

So, for that reason, make sure you always keep your pet in good shape, invest in pet insurance for them, and adhere strictly to any treatment plans offered by veterinarians, such as de-fleeing, deworming, and keeping their teeth clean, otherwise, you may find yourself in trouble.

Having A Pet Can Reduce Symptoms Of Anxiety

Having a pet is proven to reduce symptoms of social anxiety and depression; pets can often work as a de-stressor and help people who suffer from symptoms of mental health to function better and deal with their stress more healthily.

Often those who suffer from the conditions mentioned above find themselves stressed out, tense, and unable to make friends, but having a pet affords them the opportunity to have their own best friend that neither judges nor upsets them, so for this reason, a pet can be a brilliant addition into the home of those suffering from mental health conditions. It is perhaps a pet’s silence that best helps cure mental health ailments; they neither criticize you nor make you feel small, and you know they offer you their unconditional love.

This is undoubtedly one of the main reasons that pets are suggested by academics and mental health professionals as a method of reducing worrisome symptoms of depression and anxiety. They have even so much as created a scheme, called the ‘Emotional Support Animal Scheme’, which enables pets to work much like a therapist.

It has even been scientifically proven that by sitting beside a cat or a dog and petting them gently, our brain releases positive endorphins that cheer us up and make us happier, and not only that, reduce stress. This is amazing and certainly one of the main reasons why our pets are so good for us.

Having A Pet Can Keep Us In Shape

If we otherwise work a lot and do not find the time to exercise, we will surely have to walk our dog at least once a day, therefore this can keep us in shape and promote exercise. Having to take our pet out for a walk once a day is certainly enough to keep you physically fit if you do not otherwise exercise but do eat a healthy diet. Walking your dog can even become jogging beside your dog, offering both of you brilliant outdoor exercise.

If you have a pet, you must, as aforementioned, treat your pet properly and fairly, ensuring it has the best quality of life. Your pet relies upon you to give them what they need, and as your pet’s sole provider, it is absolutely imperative for their health that you do.

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