Woman Attacks Over Missing Girl Scout Cookies

This is so funny to me because I love Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and if mine came up missing, I might attack someone too. I mean, you just don’t mess with a person’s Thin Mints. She should have known better. Ok, maybe not, but I still can’t stop laughing over this story.

Last Monday night a 31-year-old woman in Florida woke up to find her Thin Mints were missing. She marched right into her roommate’s bedroom and started accusing her of eating them. She then chased her down the stairs and around the house threatening her with a pair of scissors, she bonked her over the head with a big slab of wood, she bit her, and last but not least, when they got outside, she picked up a sign and hit her with it hit several times.

The angry woman was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon (the scissors). The ironic part of the story is that apparently the roommate didn’t even eat the cookies. Dang! She gave them to the kids in the house. Oh, yes, I didn’t mention that? There were kids in the house during this whole insane brawl. You know, if they were Tagalongs or Samoas, I would say this was a crazy woman who overreacted, but hellllo, they were Thin Mints. Maybe next time she should buy enough to share, oh wait, she’ll be in prison when Girl Scout cookies go on sale next year. Darn.

Attack Over Girl Scout Cookies

Woman Attacks Over Mint Cookies

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