10 Best Ice Cream Brands According To Social Media [Infographic]

The best desserts in the world have ice cream in them or on them. If I was stranded on a deserted island, and I could only bring five foods, a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream would definitely be on the list. There’s just nothing like it. Obviously I’m a huge fan of Ben & Jerry’s, but what about the other ice cream brands? There are a ton of them out there, and I’m sure some of them have flavors that could rival my beloved Cherry Garcia.

July was national ice cream month in the States, and to celebrate, TrackMaven and iStrategyLabs created this infographic called 2013 Ice Cream Social. It lists the best (or most popular) ice cream brands according to social media. According to these statistics, Baskin Robbins beats Ben & Jerry’s, but that’s only based on their Klout score (which we all know is bogus to some extent).

If you look closely at this infographic, you’ll see that for all practical purposes, Ben & Jerry’s is number one (at least the way I’m interpreting it). Yay. When it comes to ice cream brands, one thing Ben & Jerry’s has been able to do well is to make themselves more than just an ice cream brand. Whether it’s Fake Ben & Jerry’s Flavors or silly Ben & Jerry’s Gadgets, bloggers love writing about the company. That says a lot about how they’ve positioned themselves.

Another thing that’s worth pointing out is that even though these are the most popular ice cream brands according to social media, they only take into account Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Klout. Social media encompasses a lot more than just those four areas. However, overall, I’d say this is a pretty good assessment. Now the question is, will you try a new ice cream flavor from a brand you haven’t had before?

10 Best Ice Cream Brands According To Social Media

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Via: [All Twitter]