10 Reasons to Love Blogging!

I have written several articles on blogging here on Bit Rebels. It is something that I really enjoy doing. There are those days though when we may feel too overwhelmed to write. Maybe it’s because of our busy schedule, or maybe it’s because of writer’s block. We will all experience some downtime every once in awhile, and that is okay. What is important here is that we keep going. Maintaining a blog is hard work, and it takes dedication. These are truly a must if we want to be successful. Believe me, once you get into it, and you start reading comments and good reviews about your articles and your blog in general, it will make it all worthwhile.

Blogging is a social media tool that is growing fast. There are a lot of people who have started their own blogs with the purpose of reaching out to people with their same interests. Others blog for monetary reasons. While others yet do it out of love, to them, it’s a way to express who they are. Whatever your reasons for blogging, or for reading blogs, I am sure that you would agree with me about these 10 reasons why we love to blog.

1. Blogging allows us to share our knowledge with a wider audience online.

2. Blogging enables us to give life to our passion through written words.

3. Blogging allows self expression.

4. Blogging allows us to teach others through our examples and our experiences.

5. Blogging allows us to share our opinions and points of view on matters that affect the world around us.

6. Blogging allows us to showcase our portfolio.

7. Blogging allows us to improve on our communication skills.

8. Blogging allows us to promote our skill set and allows our online credentials to be established.

9. Blogging allows community building and social interaction online.

10. Blogging allows us to give recommendations on what restaurants we like, the best gadgets we’ve found, interesting tools available, fashion trends, and a whole lot more.

If you have been blogging, and you feel that what you are doing is not making any difference to anyone, stop. However, if you share good content and an inspiring messages, continue on! Believe me, there are those who you have touched in one way or another. The reasons here are all based on my own personal experiences. Maybe you have other reasons, if so, please share them with us. We truly enjoy getting feedback from you, our valued readers.

Image Credit [Gunnar Pippel / Shutterstock]