10 Examples Of Social Media ROI: Here’s The Evidence [Infographic]

Although most marketers I talk to understand the reasons why their brands should have a social media presence, there are many who still don’t understand the real value of social media. They know their customers expect them to be there in order to be taken seriously, but they don’t understand the real potential. To complicate it, there is still that dangling question about social media ROI, and how that can affect all businesses around the globe.

Coca-Cola has always been a brand that seems to get it right when it comes to social media, and just last month an article published entitled Coca-Cola Clarifies: Social Media Is Crucial & Drives In-Store Sales. It goes into detail about how they view their social media efforts, and how they measure their social media ROI.

What’s important to remember though is that a measurable, financial social media ROI isn’t just being experienced by the big companies. It doesn’t take more than a quick Google search to find countless posts about small business owners who have reaped the rewards of building relationships through social media. This topic hits close to home for us because Bit Rebels wouldn’t exist as we know it today without social media. Social media has always been a very big part of what we do, and we’ve met many of our clients through our engagement in social media.

Cadbury’s brand Wispa, which has been gotten a lot of attention through social media, put together this infographic called 10 Examples Of ROI In Social Media. Although I would like to see someone put together an infographic like this that highlights small businesses, it’s still inspiring to read about the big ones. I found a very good corresponding blog post about this topic on JeffBullas.com. You can click over to that on What Is The Big Question In Social Media Marketing Everyone Is Afraid To Ask?. Enjoy reading all these success stories (and know there are many more).

Social Media ROI


Via: [Social Media Today]