14 Ways To Get More Facebook Shares Today [Infographic]

Facebook continues to reign as the number one social media site for shares and engagement, and whether you like it or hate it, it’s where most of the interaction is at the moment. I’ll be happy when another site comes along someday that can give Facebook some real competition, but right now, it is in a league of its own. It’s always nice to refresh our skills about how to increase our effectiveness on Facebook, and this infographic about how to increase your Facebook shares today can help.

Most of the time when we write about how to increase effectiveness on Facebook, it involves long-term strategies and a big time commitment. I like this infographic called How To Get More Facebook Shares (by inboundvisibility) because these 14 tips are quick and easy. You can use them to start increasing your Facebook shares right away.

If you are a Facebook veteran who has been marketing on that site for a while, a lot of these things may look familiar. I’ve noticed over time though that it is easy to forget the basics. For example, we get rushed and forget the importance of being consistent or the power of images.

If you implement these things immediately, you’ll most likely start increasing your Facebook shares today. Along with that will come more visibility, more Facebook likes, more engagement and a stronger relationship between you and your fans. Once you start developing these effective habits on Facebook, you’ll start seeing your fan base increase more and more each day.

When you get that momentum going, try to maintain it. It’s such a rush to watch that happen, and at the end of the day, it’s worth all the work. You just have to stay dedicated to your Facebook fans everyday, and you’ll get more Facebook likes and Facebook shares today and everyday.

How To Get More Facebook Shares Today


Via: [visual.ly]