17 Metrics Every Pinterest Marketer Should Be Tracking [Infographic]

I’ve fallen in love with Google+ lately. I got on Google+ when it launched back in 2011, but I’ve only started really getting into it over the past month. I’m now spending the time I used to spend on Pinterest on Google+. I love statistics though, and after seeing all these Pinterest metrics, it’s inspiring me to be more active on Pinterest. There are just so many good social sites to choose from! If you’re a Pinterest marketer, and if you love statistics like me, you’ll really get into this.

Just like on any other social site, marketers want to be able to track their Pinterest ROI. This infographic called Pinterest Metrics Marketers Should Consider Tracking (by Branderati and ShareRoot) lists 17 metrics that any Pinterest marketer would find useful to track. For example, have you ever considered tracking the average number of 2nd degree followers you have?

This shows you how connected your follower base is. In other words, getting repined by a follower with a million followers is much more valuable as far as influence than getting repinned by a follower with 100 followers that are mostly bots. You can get a good feel for this by reading Lessons About Going Viral Learned From A Pin On Pinterest. At Bit Rebels, we track this metric on Twitter, and it’s very helpful.

If you’re a Pinterest marketer, you know Pinterest is a lot more than just a bunch of pictures. If done right, brands can use Pinterest to generate a lot of sales, leads and connect with customers and potential customers. Companies are even recruiting new talent from Pinterest, just like they might recruit from LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

If you click over to this article on Fast Company, you will see a more detailed description of each one of these metrics. If you are seriously considering tracking these things, I would highly recommend you get a more in-depth perspective by reading that article. In addition to Pinterest analytics, there are other tools you can use to help you track these metrics. Three of the popular ones are ShareRoot, Curalate and Pinpuff. Happy pinning!

17 Important Metrics For Pinterest Marketers

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Via: [Fast Company]