3 Common Problems That Facebook Users Face

Facebook is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in this day and age. Beginning as a socialization platform, it has transformed into one of the most effective marketing mediums of this day and age. Thousands of businesses are making the most out of this platform in numerous ways.

However, it doesn’t mean that Facebook is free of defects and loopholes. Users tend to face bugs which are resolved through updates. There is a plenty of other solutions as well. Nevertheless, here are the 3 most common problems that users face and how they can be resolved.

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1. Uninstalling Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is relatively a new application to its original form. Facebook began on its own but later a messenger application was released which is currently one of the most used chatting applications. It is widely used by Android and iOS users. Installation of this application has never been an issue, the real concern lies with its uninstallation.

Here is how to delete Facebook Messenger without any difficulty.

  • For Android users, Google Play Store needs to be accessed by tapping on the icon. Search for Facebook Messenger in the Google Play Store. Tap on the relevant option once different choices show up. Tap on ‘UNINSTALL’ on the Play Store page for Facebook Messenger. A confirmation message will appear for the deletion of the application. Tap on ‘OK’ to perform the action.
  • For iOS users, tap and hold the Facebook Messenger icon till it starts to shake. Tap on the small ‘x’ icon on the top-left corner to begin uninstallation. Confirm the action and tap delete to successfully uninstall the application.

2. Facebook Orca Error

Orca is basically a folder of Facebook Messenger Application that appears on every Android device. It stores all of the audio files, pictures, videos, plug-ins, and cache. It occupies considerable storage of the device. This folder is not supposed to be deleted since it is not a malicious file. Here is how you can clear Orca error.

  • Go to the settings option of your Android phone.
  • Find the option named ‘Application’.
  • Progress towards ‘all Apps’.
  • Look for the Facebook application and make sure all the data is cleared.

Deleting this folder means losing all of your data. All the files and messages would disappear and a new Orca folder will be generated automatically once you open the messenger application.

3. Banning Of Facebook Ad Account

This issue is particularly for admin of pages on Facebook. The account can sometimes get flagged because of unusual activity. This may not happen as a result of the admin’s fault but it is just how it is in the Facebook customer service. An account may have received a ban for a number of innocent reasons. For example, using account through a proxy or uploading an image that is unacceptable to Facebook.

Here is how you can get the ad account running again:

  • Send the appeal form. Do not resend it again and again or it will do nothing but move it to the bottom of the queue.
  • Make comments on the official page. Facebook Business must be visited and leave a firm and polite complaint about their posts.

Facebook – The BottomLine

Facebook is not free of defects, in fact, no social media is. But that doesn’t mean these cannot be resolved. Here were some of the most common problems that users tend to face every now and then. Nevertheless, it is not an exhaustive list and there is a multitude of other concerns as well that users face frequently.

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