4 Instagram Marketing Tips For 2019

2019 will be a game changer for companies promoting their brand on Instagram. With more than a billion active users, this is one platform that has the potential to reach your target audience within minutes. Marketing on this social media website will provide a high ROI, but the strategies you implement needs to be different from your competitors. So, here are some of the Instagram marketing tips that will fuel your business growth this 2019.

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1. Amassing More Dedicated Followers

Instagram is all about the number of followers your company has. It is challenging for a new company to compete with the bigger names in the industry with a small number of followers. But you can up the number by buying followers on this site. Yes, it is possible to buy real Instagram followers, and the monthly expenses for this service prove to be cost-effective. Depending on your budget, you can grow your follower base and get more likes shares, and comments on each of your posts, instantly increasing your exposure to potential target consumers. Since these are real Instagram users, there are high chances that your target audience will be influenced by the number of followers on your company’s Instagram profile. This leads to improved sales and a considerable customer base.

2. Going Live

Instagram users prefer authenticity and transparency over how big the brand is. As a brand competing against the big names, one way to attract the attention of potential customers is to go live on product launches. You can update your Instagram stories so that more users can check out the details as they scroll through the list of stories on their list. Some companies post live videos on their stories too. But if you want users to be a part of the brand, an engaging live video is more effective. They will jump to the session as soon as they see the flashing Live icon.

3. Fewer Bots And More Authenticity

Companies planning to promote their brand on Instagram will have more authentic users in 2019. Instagram has made several changes in its marketing-related updates. Their biggest fight is against non-authentic users and bots who randomly comment or follow your post without any reason. Instagram is using machine learning tools to identify and eliminate these users to provide a more genuine follower base. Some of the third-party apps engage in automatic spamming of Instagram users. The machine learning tool will remove shady activities including spammy comments and followers.

4. User-Generated Content

User-generated content will continue to grow as a rising marketing strategy. According to 2018 data from Gartner L2 Digital IQ, there was a rise in conversion rate from 4.5 to 9.6% due to better user-generated content on Instagram. Another trend that experts believe will hit in 2019 is Instagram-friendly offices, events, venues, and stores. This will include video-friendly locations that will entice customers, influencers, or visitors to create Instagram content for their favorite brands. So, if Instagram is on your list of marketing strategies, don’t forget to include these plans as well. They may become the secret to your company’s success in 2019.

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