5 Instagram Ads That Will Boost Your Social Media Campaign Strategy

 Innovation is the key to a successful social media campaign. But, more often than not, internet marketers stick to the tried and tested techniques because they feel afraid to try anything out of the box.

Well, if you want better marketing results, you need to think about things that your competitors are probably missing. For starters, here are a few Instagram ad strategies that will boost your next social media campaign.

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1. Sponsored Ads

If you have a business account on Instagram, you can make the most of sponsored ads. These paid ads appear on the home feed of your target audience with a link that sends the viewer to the official website.

What’s great is that you can target these ads to ensure that the right audience sees them. Quiet Light Brokerage uses sponsored ads to reach people who may want to buy or sell their e-commerce or content websites. Through effective ad targeting, the company enjoys high-quality and laser-targeted traffic.

2. Story Ads

Instagram stories make a massive impact on the target audience. Most people not only post stories regularly but also check the stories of others. If they are following your brand, this is the time to utilize story ads.

However, the story has to be compelling enough for the viewer to swipe up so that they can visit the website or the brand profile. For instance, you may want to share what goes on behind the scenes at your company to give your brand a more human element.

3. Map-Guided Ads

Tags work wonders on Instagram. Car companies have used map-guided ads on Instagram to the best effect. They gave the audience a chance to customize their car. So, they used tags based on customization options.

This allowed the viewer to jump from one page to the other to check what the end result of their customization is. And, the last tag was a map that guided them to contact the respective car company. It not only serves the purpose of your business but also keeps the audience engaged.

4. Video Ads

Photo ads on Instagram are widely popular. That’s why it is time to try something new. With video ads, you can create an immediate impact on potential customers. Many companies post teasers weeks before they come up with the final advertisement. This creates suspense in the minds of the viewers. They want to know more about the product or service in the advertisement, so they eagerly anticipate the next video you have for them.

5. Carousel Ads

If you want to stick to photos, you may try to use carousel ads for your brand. This allows the audience to go through multiple images of the same advertisement. It keeps them engaged because they want to know the product better.

You can use sponsored ads for your carousel campaign by backlinking your site or company profile in the photos. Instead of putting all the information on a single photo or video, split them up into several pictures.

Everyone enjoys a successful social media campaign. But you need to bring innovation in these campaigns to earn that success. There is cut-throat competition out there, and these techniques will help you stay ahead in the game.

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