5 Strategies To Share Good Content On Twitter

Twitter is still growing, I have noticed that I’ve been gaining followers by the hundreds each day. However, there are also those who join and then drop out at some point in time. Some I know have stopped using Twitter because when they were learning how to use the social site, they felt overwhelmed and uneasy. I believe some of them see people getting feedback, they see people conversing with others freely, they see people getting retweeted, but they are not having that same experience. If you are feeling this way, please know that all of us have gone through that phase. That phases feels like you are alone, and no one seems to be listening.

People on Twitter are genuinely interested and are there to connect with the people they follow (most of them). The one tip that we all like to give here on Bit Rebels is always share good content. However, if you are new to Twitter, you may ask, “How does one do that?” I would like to share some strategies that I hope will be helpful in allowing you to find and share good content.

1. Subscribe to blogs – The best way to find good content to share is to read blogs and subscribe to the ones that you like. By subscribing, you are assured that you get the freshest content from your favorite sites. And who knows, if your favorite bloggers are on Twitter too, you might also get the chance to interact with them and share your opinions in real time.

2. Check out and join StumbleUpon, Blip, YouTube and other online communities – There are a lot of online communities available that you can check out or join in order to find information that you can learn from and share. There are communities that allow you to join and use their platform as a means to share content. It can even be something that you can produce yourself and share (YouTube). There are also sites that will allow you to play with their tools and share your interests (music – Blip.fm, Grooveshark, Flickr etc.)

3. Retweet interesting tweets – You will encounter retweets on Twitter. People retweet interesting tweets not only to show their appreciation for the person tweeting it, but also because you either relate to a tweet, or you feel that it is something that your followers might have missed.

4. Tweet a recommendation – We all have different reasons for getting online. We also have different experiences. Some explore more than others. For example, if you find a useful tool, or if you’ve found a recipe that you have tried and liked, it is always good to share it. Who knows, it might be something that your followers can truly benefit from.

5. Occasionally share personal messages – Sharing links is really the best thing to do; however, it is also good to share your own personal messages. A simple hello or greeting is always welcome. Sharing something personal makes you human to your followers and the people you follow. It can also be a good ice breaker.

Image Source: [Eric Twitter Tools]