5 Things To Gain From Writing!

Writing is my passion next to drawing and sketching!  When I started my personal blog, I never thought that I would gain so much from it that an ordinary girl from Manila could ever dream of!

If you plan to write for your own personal blog or be part of a collaborative blog like Bit Rebels or Ink Rebels, you must have so much discipline and writing must be something you love to do.  Creativity is next, then the desire to push yourself more! Exciting right?!

I feel writing is like riding a roller coaster, there is a certain high that you will feel  after you have finished imputing  your ideas and clicking PUBLISH!  I love writing because of the things that I have gained from it.

1. Thrill of discovery – If you write more and more, you will notice that ideas come more easily.  But of course, there will be days when ideas will not come that easily!  That is the time when you will truly feel the thrill of discovering new things to share!

2. Improve your vocabulary – The biggest benefit one gets from writing more is that your vocabulary will improve tremendously, you will be conscious of grammar and spelling!

3.  Allows creativity to flourish – Especially if you write for several blogs, creativity will certainly play a big role.  From topic selection to image selection! One thing I am learning now is the way you have to make sure that the image, the words are well chosen as it really makes so much difference in terms of aesthetics and content quality.

4.  Confidence booster – Took me a long time to really decide and go for it, and glad that I did.  Writing has given me the confidence that has also helped me with work productivity.  Plus I am truly a very lucky girl for having such wonderful people that I write with everyday! @Minervity never fails to share a good word or two and support whenever I would do good on an article!  For a writer having the support and love from your editor and fellow writer does a lot to boost confidence and thus one would really want to do better on his or her next article.

5.   Gain more friends and create meaningful relationships – One of the best ways to gain friends is via sharing your ideas and opinions.  But the best about writing is you get to create meaningful relationship with your readers and people who always makes it a point to share their sentiments and support when they leave a comment on your articles.  If you write with others, then a bond will certainly be created!  I cherish the people that I am so very lucky to have known and have really come to know because of writing.

If you are a writer, I am sure you can attest that writing does not only allow you to give but has been a medium of self expression and creativity.  You may not gain that much monetary benefit, but writing can give you something much more and that is the ability to reach and speak with different people from all walks of life.  The sharing of your ideas and the confidence booster and support group 24/7 out weighs any other reasons for writing!