5 Ways To Give Back To Your Twitter Friends

Twitter is growing fast and for those new on Twitter, there are a lot of things that go on. It’s not just about sharing links on relevant information, but also engaging and conversing with each other 140 characters at a time. Over time, you will also notice that your followers will grow and your friendships will also deepen. Building relationships on Twitter is the fun part when you get involved in this social networking platform. Imagine even if you just spend 20 minutes or less everyday, you will still get to know people really well, because most of the time, we are what we tweet.

I have become close to a lot of people on Twitter. Bit Rebels is proof, the site was formed by Twitter friends. There are occasions when I feel low or tired and the people who give me a boost most of the time are the tweeple I engage with everyday on Twitter. What is great about the social platform is that it never seems to close. There is always someone there you can communicate with and get information from. If you are like me, and you feel so grateful, and would like to give back to your friends, maybe you can check out some of the things that I practice:

1. Retweet – When I read a good article or quote that resonates what I feel, I retweet it to my followers. Please note that you must also do it right. You need to make sure that you give credit to the person who found that information and include his or her username in the tweet. It is also good to use the old method of retweeting because this allows people to engage even further.

2. Say thank you – What better way to show your appreciation than by just saying it! Thank you are two words that can melt anyone’s heart and brighten up anyone’s day.

3. Don’t spam – The worst thing you can do is spam. Don’t share useless or spam links and add your name to them just to get noticed. This will only irritate the people who you want to get to know better. You might end up being blocked as well.

4. Visit other people’s blogs and share your opinions – Most people I know have blogs and the best thing that I know to do to show my appreciation is to visit their blogs.  It is also a good way for me to engage more with them in depth by sharing my opinion.

5. Be yourself – I believe a lot will agree with me on this one. By being yourself people will appreciate you more. You do not need to be anyone else.  There is no need to be an expert or guru if you are not. Express yourself the same way you would offline.

Main Image Source – What Dreams May Come