5 Ways to Say Thank You to Your Readers/Subscribers

More and more people are getting online, majority would either go online to read blogs, listen to music, research for information or just simply have fun, like Tweeting or playing games.  There are people who remain loyal to you and even subscribe to your sites.  They interact with you on a frequent basis and would leave very valuable insights.  Others will RT you and share your sites with others.  Saying thank you I believe is in order.  No matter how busy you get.  But how do you do that?  Here are 5 ways that you can show your loyal followers/subscribers that you appreciate them,

1.  Just Say it – You can do Thank you messages or articles with a bit of information (stats) on the site and let them know how they have contributed to the growth of your site.  This can be done on a milestone basis like did you just celebrate your 6th month as a site or 1 year.  I know Richard does this for Minervity and Bit Rebels. I think most people appreciate knowing that they are part of your success and that you as an author recognize that.

2.  Reward Your Readers – You can do this by giving them either a discount or freebies.  Some sites do this by creating icons or wall papers that their readers can use for free.  Some applications on Facebook specially the game types would give away points or do discounts on stuff you need when playing.  You don’t really need to give an expensive item out but something useful I am sure will be appreciated.

3.  Engage with Your Readers – If you know they use Twitter, Tweet with them.  If they have blogs, go to their site and give comments or review.  If they use FaceBook and you are friends there say thank you via comment.  The small personal touch will go a long way, and really show your readers that you are open and accessible to them.

4.  Do Constant Improvements –  Giving the best content, making the blog/site  readable and accessible to your readers will definitely show your readers that you appreciate them.  Doing improvements on your site is hard work, considering that most are busy.  But remember your loyal readers are worth the efforts that you put in on every article and design changes that you make.  How do you know if you need to make changes? Check the comments.  Check reviews.  They will truly help you make the necessary changes if needed.

5.  Give Back – If you are on Twitter, and your readers are followers, follow them back, by doing so you get the opportunity to get feed back from them real time.  If you post links on your FaceBook account and they commented.  Thank them or interact with them. If they leave questions on comment area, answer them.  It doesn’t take that much effort to stay in touch.

Saying Thank you is one great way to make your readers feel important and appreciated.  Interact, engage, converse, do these simple acts and you won’t go wrong.