7 Blogging Myths Busted: Avoid These Myths & Build A Strong Foundation

Are you thinking about starting your own blog? Are you all ready to set it up? Yeah, at this very moment you might be thinking about your social marketing strategies. Obviously, who doesn’t like having lots of comments, retweets, and shares on his or her Facebook status, tweets or blog posts?

If you are going to be a serious blogger, and if you would like to get established on internet, you should avoid the myths and develop targeted strategies to build a strong blogging foundation.

This will bring your blog real traffic, you’ll build trust with your readers, and they will return to your blog over and over. It’s important to connect with your readers, and be genuine. There are no shortcuts in blogging, and successful bloggers have developed good blogging habits. Here are 7 blogging myths which I’d like to bust. If you know of others, please leave them in the comments below.

7 Blogging Myths Busted

1) Quick Traffic Means Overnight Success

Although getting an article to go viral in social media is exciting, it’s usually very short term. However, the wider followership does establish you as a legit blogger. Combine that short term success with continued long term dedication and commitment. It takes time, so be consistent in your efforts.

2) You Should Flood Your Profiles With Lots Of Updates & Posts

It’s necessary to feed your followers with regular updates, but only up to the level that your updates don’t irritate them. Be concise, to the point and interesting while posting and sharing your updates. Don’t flood your social profiles with lots of irrelevant and uninteresting things or your followers will view you as unnecessary noise.

3) You Should Pay For Fans & Followers

Today, there are numerous providers who are offering thousands of facebook fans/likes/shares or Twitter followers for a small sum of money. My advice is – don’t go with them. In fact, they use bots and these are fake followers. If your posts are worthy, they will automatically attract a good number of loyal followers who really care about your updates.

4) You Should Have A Presence On Every Social Networking Platform

Lots of social networking sites are out there, and obviously managing a ton of profiles isn’t easy. I think you should focus on not more than 10 relevant social networking sites (including G+, facebook and Twitter). Despite having profiles on many sites, you should concentrate on building loyal followings on a few targeted sites.

5) You Shouldn’t Bother Checking Your Updates For Typing/Grammar Errors

This is one of the most important myths busted. Be sure your updates don’t have any typing or grammar errors, and double check everything before posting on your profile. If you don’t, it may hurt your reputation, and in the worst case scenario (with factual errors), the work you’ve put into your blog could go to waste. You should know that later corrections aren’t going to rebuild that trust again.

6) You Should Ignore Your Followers’ Opinions

This is another one of the very important myths busted. Often times, bloggers don’t care what their followers say, which is a bad way to think if you want to build a solid foundation. You should pay proper attention to your followers’ opinions, replies or tips. It’s a good way to build your readership and expand your reach as a legit blogger.

7) And As A Final Note…

Many bloggers think social media isn’t very important, and they avoid it. However, social media is an essential element of online marketing, especially today. As a blogger, having a wide and reputable presence in social media reflects your authority on the particular subject matter you are blogging about. And of course, it’s the right place where you can find loyal followers for your blog. Social networking sites are capable of establishing you as a successful blogger, and they may bring a huge readership. But, like I mentioned, be true in your efforts – don’t use bots for getting fake followers. I hope you enjoyed these 7 blogging myths busted!


Image Credits: [stock.xchng / DGBurns] [techtutshub]