7 Tips To Become An Advanced Marketer Using Instagram

Instagram has transformed in a few years to be the best social media app for marketing and advertising. Most businesses are now cramming on the limited and competitive space to grow their accounts by attracting as many authentic followers as possible. Individuals who have managed over time to draw a massive following have gone ahead to monetize their accounts through brand representation.

Considering the competition existing now on this platform, you need advanced techniques to become an advanced marketer and stand out among the rest. Using the latest popular hashtags is one of the ways you can expose yourself, create more awareness and draw more followers.

Here are 7 other tips that can assist you to become an advanced marketer on this platform.

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Post Creative And Interesting Content

Visual content is the ‘holy grail’ of any Instagram account. As a marketer, you want other users to know what your business is all about. You need to post visual images that are pleasing to the eye couple with captions that tell the stories behind these images. Focus on providing solutions rather than just fronting your products or services. This strategy draws more following since potential clients are more interested in how to benefit from your products or services. If especially you are focused on showcasing your services, then your clients need to see how you go about it and how they can get those services.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram provides a feature where you can create stories using images or videos that appear on top of the user’s timelines. These stories are only valid and live for 24 hours after which they disappear. Since most Instagram users check out their accounts during their passive time for entertainment, most tend to only view these stories instead of going through your entire profile. You should take advantage of this to showcase your business and try and convince your visitors to proceed to your profile. Instagram allows business accounts to add links to their stories that can direct visitors to your official business website. Choose the best and the most informative content to post here and don’t overwhelm your visitors.

Show Case Behind The Scenes

Your existing and potential clients always have a need or curiosity to see what’s behind the product or service you provide. Every time you show this particular side of your business, you get a more personal connection with your clients. They feel as if they are part of the process. You can take advantage of insta stories to showcase such information and grow your following and engagement.

Cross Promote Your Posts

You probably have other social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook with some followers. You can post your content on these platforms too and ask your existing followers to follow you on Instagram. Chances are that they will follow you since they are already interested in your stuff on these other platforms.

Hold Contests

Like traditional marketing contests, this is perhaps the best strategy for marketing yourself or your products on Instagram. With contests, you get to directly and personally interact with your audience. People naturally love gifts and are always attracted to such competition. Make your contests be interesting to compel massive engagement. You can even start the now popular challenges on Instagram and promise to give particular awards to the best presentation. Users will participate in such not with your business in mind parse but will interact with your business directly through this participation and help you to market to a great extent. You will also get a lot of new followers every time you hold such contests.

Give Bonus Entry Gifts

Since you are looking to increase your following, enticing potential users to follow you is one thing you should focus your attention on. Giving bonus entry points for every person that follows you is another good way of enticing new people to follow you. Make sure you make it as attractive as possible. People appreciate the smallest of things as gifts that you’d be surprised.

Mention Or Tag Others

Since it is all about creating links and channels, you can market yourself by mentioning others and participating in popular conversations and campaigns. You can follow a non-profit organization and join a social course as long as it is in tandem with your line of work.

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