Workweek Of A Social Media Manager Divided Up By Hours [Infographic]

Properly maintaining a brand’s social media presence is a big job. I know that from doing it here at Bit Rebels. We share the responsibility, and even that is still a lot. I’m not complaining of course. I’m very grateful for all the people who follow us on each site, and I’ve met some lifelong friends online. I’m just pointing out that for a brand that is serious about social media, it’s definitely enough work for a full time person. I’d like to go through the workweek of a social media manager.

First I’d like to say that not every brand or company will follow this model. Social media is not a ‘cookie cutter’ kind of thing. It should be tailored for a brand’s specific objectives. However, if you are wondering how a social media manager might fill up a 40-hour workweek, this will at least give you a general idea.

For anyone who thinks a social media manager or coordinator just sits at a desk and tweets all day, think again. This infographic called Social Media Work Flow is by Mark Smiciklas at Intersection Consulting. I can understand how a person would spend this much time on these tasks. I would actually add a little more time to the blogging part, unless that person is only publishing two or three posts per week (which for most companies is probably about right).

One thing this infographic doesn’t take into account is working on the weekends. Although being a social media manager may be a Monday – Friday job, social media isn’t on a time clock. In other words, there are still things that can be done on the weekends (in addition to these hours) which would help a brand’s social presence grow. If you didn’t think it was worth hiring someone for this job, think again.

Are all these things being properly managed at your company by spreading it around to different people during the workweek? Maybe or maybe not, but it’s definitely not the 15-minute per day task that some managers think it is.

Social Media Manager’s Workweek Divided Up By Hours

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Via: [Social Media Today]