A Thank You Song For Internet Trolls & Haters

When Internet trolls attack, it can be upsetting and bait you into wanting to make angry, yet ultimately pointless responses. Clever Pie and Isabel Fay have come up with a brilliant solution to this problem. Instead of getting angry, or letting those nasty trolls get you down, why not sing a lovely thank you song to all those haters, complete with a dance number, all featured in a professionally made video?

We have all seen or experienced abusive Internet trolls, and the horrible comments they leave on YouTube videos, blog posts, in tweets, and on news sites. Perhaps that’s why this quirky musical YouTube video from Clever Pie and Isabel Fay has taken Twitter by storm today.

The song received countless celebrity retweets including one from @stephenfry. It’s not hard to understand why the celebs would love this witty song about Internet trolls since many of them have no doubt been on the receiving end of some nasty comments themselves. Since the video quotes the very worst sort of trolls and haters, it contains some shall we say colourful language, but writer, performer and comedian Isabel Fay weaves the swearing and abuse cleverly into her musical style number. This just helps to highlight how silly and amusing these individuals can be, but not quite in the way they hoped.

Isabel performs the hilarious song brilliantly, as does the supporting cast, and the whole thing has a professional look and feel which just serves to make it ever more amusing. There are also additional appearances from various British stars and comedy acts, who share various bits of abuse they have received from trolls online. Most amusingly of all, the video is now getting a lot of comments from trolls who clearly don’t see the irony, but it all just adds to the humour. Well done Isabel Fay, Clever Pie, and everyone involved in making this video. I’ll be singing it all day (maybe not in public though..  overheard lyrics could cause offense).