Another Scary Treat with Social Media Twist

Doritos and Snack Strong Productions is back with another interactive game called Asylum 626. Much like its other game Hotel 626 , where players can play only from 6 pm to 6 am no matter which time zone they play in.

The scenario this time is in a psychiatric ward instead of a scary hotel.  The player wakes up amidst scary doctors and his evil minions.  Expect lots of thrills, scary characters including other patients in the psychiatric ward and of course electric shocks.

The twist this time is that it gives the player an option to connect via FaceBook connect and Twitter, where the visitor’s friends can get updates from him or her while playing the game.  What is so cool as well is that Augmented Reality is now part of the game.  Of course, you can only get the special marker from a Dorito package.

Are you brave enough? If you are, visit Asylum 626 and tell us your experience here.