Are We Wasting Our Time on Twitter?

When I started my journey on Twitter, people in my real life thought it was strange. I remember having a conversation with someone who actually thought I was wasting time on Twitter. Of course, I just shrugged my shoulders and continued on tweeting. People not on Twitter would always question those of us who were really into it. They seem to understand the fact that we spend time on FaceBook, but not Twitter, but I feel it is almost the same.  We are in both because they are fun.

Some even criticized my having Twitter friends now also on FaceBook. It seems that some people just don’t get it. I am not angry with them, I just try to understand them. For those willing to listen, here is what I usually point out to them:

1.  Twitter is fun – It never fails to put a smile on my face when I open my TweetDeck and see people sharing funny links or sharing jokes. There is some notion that since content is shared most of the time, it is stiff, but please note that it is how one uses the site. You can share photos and music. There are a lot of other fun activities that you can do on the platform.

2.  Twitter is a great way to meet new people – There is no time difference or oceans that separate people when you are on Twitter. You will meet people from all over the world and it really doesn’t matter if you have not met in real life for as long as you connect and share the same interests.

3.  Twitter is a pool of knowledge – It is a great source of information. People tweet different kinds of content, you just need to follow people with the same interest as yours.

4. Twitter is a great way to boost creativity – Did you know that you can boost your own creativity too? There are 5 Ways To Boost Your Creativity. Designers and writers get a lot of their inspiration from the people who tweet them post ideas.

5. Twitter is a way to get feedback – Just ask a question and you will know what I mean.  Often times you can get ideas from the tweets that people send out whether it be a question or a concept. You just need to listen carefully.

6. Twitter is news on steroids – Want to get the news fast and fresh? Most of the time you get the news from the people you follow even before the journalists or news wires have posted them.

7. Twitter is a source of great encouragement – I am lucky to have followed the best people on Twitter, they always seem to be abundant with self confidence boosting words of encouragement.

8. Twitter is people – Twitter is full of real people and let us not forget that. They may be avatars when you tweet with them, but they are real human beings behind those avatars. They live and breath and care for others. They will be able to share real life experiences that will help us all in our quest to become the best that we can be.

Back to the question at hand, so are we wasting our time on Twitter?  My answer is a resounding NO!! What do you think?

Main Image Source – Tweet