Surprise: Average Facebook Admin Is Older Than You Think [Infographic]

Ridiculous stereotypes exist everywhere in the offline world, but what you may not know is that they exist in the online world too. For example, if a person publishes a blog post rampant with grammar errors, some people instantly think those errors reflect that person’s intelligence, which it doesn’t. Perhaps English just isn’t that person’s native language. There are many online stereotypes, and another example has to do with Facebook admins, or more specifically, the age of the average Facebook admin.

I’ve always thought most Facebook admins were hipster guys in their 20s or 30s. If you’ve thought that too, I suppose we’ve both got caught up in that stereotype. Socialbakers recently examined 100,000 Facebook admins to determine the difference between fact and fiction with regard to gender and age. They compiled their results in this infographic called Are All Facebook Page Admins Young Hipsters?.

According to their research, the typical Facebook admin is a guy over the age of 30. It’s interesting to note though that even though there are fewer women Facebook admins, the women typically handle the pages with more fans. This is interesting to learn, and in a way, the age reality totally makes sense.

In order to be a good Facebook admin, you have to have a lot of commitment and dedication to the Facebook pages you manage. It takes consistency day in and day out, even when you aren’t seeing immediate results. It requires an uncanny ability to spot content that your audience will engage with and share with their friends. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know many people in their early 20s who can handle that responsibility and do it well. It makes sense that the majority of Facebook admins are older than 30. Enjoy!

The Average Facebook Admin Is Older Than You Think

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Via: [Social Media Today]