How To Be Sure You Have A Strong Social Resume [Infographic]

You have a social resume, and you might not even realize it. If you’ve been job-hunting over the past few years, you probably know that for every executive job available, there are thousands of resumes submitted. It’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd, and many times it comes down to your connections and who you know. It only takes a minute for a hiring manager to pull up your social media accounts.

It’s already a known fact that company executives think they can look at someone’s social media accounts and determine in less than 5 minutes if he or she might be a fit for the job. If that’s the case, it seems like a much more optimized solution for them to screen people that way for the first round of eliminations instead of going through a stack of resumes and reading between the lines in all the formalities.

Could it be that you are being judged by your social resume, and you don’t know it? 92% of employers reported that they used social media for recruiting in 2012. It’s safe to say that number will become even higher in 2013. We’ve written about this many times before, but this time, I want to offer you a new way to think about it…

Instead of just doing what most people do who are aware of this, which is watching what they post about getting drunk, watching their pics, avoiding f-bombs, etc., how about take it one step further and surprise those who check you out?

If you already know that close to 100% of employers are going to look you up online first, how about be proactive and actually create a social resume to catch their attention? Web designers and other freelancers have been doing this for years, but for some reason, it hasn’t caught on for people looking for corporate jobs.

This infographic called Social Resume (by OnlineColleges) offers tips for how you can go about creating something that will impress potential employers. Also check out this article called 10 Ways To Optimize Your Social Resume for even more detailed information. Creating an effective social resume could be exactly what you need to do to stand out in the crowd!

Create An Impressive Social Resume & Stand Out From The Crowd


Via: [Not Easy To Forget]