Become a Crime Scene Investigator on Facebook!

If you are tired of planting trees and vegetables (Farmville), baking (Baking Life) and Interior design (YoVille) on Facebook, then you might enjoy playing a crime scene investigator. The game is called CSI: Crime City! It’s based on the popular made for TV series CSI. I love watching that series, and I even catch the reruns on cable whenever I am at home and have the time. It fascinates me to watch the investigators piece together the clues to catch the criminals on every episode. I started watching CSI Vegas, but then also added CSI New York and CSI Miami. Every series has its own way of fighting crime and solving each case. When I saw that the game is now available on Facebook, I just had to check it out and play it.

The game starts out with the basic tutorial and, of course, you get to choose which character you want to play. You also get to choose a case to work on. You purchase tools at their store with the money that you are given to start with. Then you begin analyzing a crime scene. When you get a clue, you are asked to go to your personal lab where you get to analyze and process the evidence. Of course, you need to personalize your lab, and to do that, you need to purchase more things in the store. You can use your game currency, or you can buy currency similar to the other games you find on Facebook. It is fun to play and get excited by the case. I particularly like the graphics and the way they allow you to view the case in replay. It also allows you to play some mini-games to earn energy (you lose energy while solving and checking for clues, but you get to earn it back so don’t worry). I have included a trailer and some screen shots for your to see before you start playing the game. Remember though, just like any of the Facebook games, it can be quite addictive!