How To: Change Your Twitter Profile, Header & Background Images

If you use Twitter for personal or professional branding, you probably know the importance of uploading a picture into your Twitter profile. Over the years, we’ve all learned that unless you are representing a popular brand, it’s better to use a headshot than a logo because some people still feel awkward engaging with avatars that don’t have a human aspect to them. There are tons of sophisticated bots on Twitter these days, and even with a headshot avatar, you might still get fooled by some. Don’t feel bad, it’s happened to all of us. I’ve grown somewhat tolerant to the bots over the years, and some of them are even kinda cute.

However, if you are a human being, and if you want to update or change your Twitter profile, header and background photos, I have just the thing to make it super easy. With all the changes Twitter has made over the past year, it can be tough to keep up with how to do what. A couple days ago, Twitter uploaded this short video to YouTube which is a very simple little tutorial for how to change your Twitter profile so it fits your personality more. I remember I uploaded a background image the day Twitter released that feature, and it was much easier than I was expecting.

I really like that we have all these enhanced options to make our Twitter profiles even more personal. Everyone knows it’s a visual web these days, and these features will only add to the appeal of the site I’m sure. Twitter has been snatching up all kinds of companies in 2012, and now that they’ve added the video firm Vine and mobile app developer Cabana to their flock, I can only imagine what they have in store for us in the coming year. This little video below is so cute, and it will inspire you to stop using that default avatar. You can read how to do this in text format here in the Twitter Help Center.

Is It Time To Update Your Twitter Profile?




Via: [YouTube] Header Image Credit: [Shout Me Loud]