Chat Anywhere Using Twitter

There are so many tools being developed now that allow people to connect with their Twitter friends more efficiently. Developers are keen on doing so because they know that more and more people want to make the most out of their social online life. It is no longer enough to share links, but it is also important to engage your readers, followers and friends. It makes the relationship deeper, and it also allows one to really get a feel for the pulse of what is happening around us.

This tool is called Nurph. Nurph allows you to chat anywhere using your Twitter account. There is no need to install anything. Just add your link, tweet then chat. It’s easy. There are three things you can do with this:

1. ‘Nurph’ any URL by entering it in the URL Box, or by using the bookmark, and Nurph puts a real-time chat on top of the page.

2. Promote your Nurph URL across the web, email, Facebook and Twitter. For example, how about linking to Nurph on your Twitter profile? When people visit your Twitter profile, they can click your bio URL, login via Twitter and join your virtual hangout to chat with you in real time!

3. Set your Nurph URL as your browser home page. Trust the Nurph team; there’s nothing more fun than loading up your web browser to find a group of friends hanging out and chatting on your website.

I have included a demo on how you can use this tool. I hope that it is useful to you. If you are already a user, maybe you can share some feedback with us about your experience, we would love to hear it!

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