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Twitter is one of the most powerful communications platforms, perhaps even better than Facebook. That may sound a little bit on the top, but you are going to see why it is so. For starters, while some people use Twitter to post images of what they had for lunch or update on no deposit bonus games, others use it to share useful information and communicate with others. This makes it like any other social media tool, right? However, this is not the case. Twitter is not about sharing memes or funny content or socializing with your friends.

Instead, this platform focuses on the quick distribution of information. It aims at sending messages in the shortest time possible so people can read them sooner. The important thing is for the messages not to be read by specific people but to reach those people who follow you or have subscribed to receive updates from your account.

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Twitter Communication Types

Below are examples of the various communication types available on Twitter:

  • Tweet: It is a public message seen by your followers and anyone else who will come across it.
  • Mention: This is a type of tweet where you include someone’s handle on your message. The mentioned tweet will be sent to everyone who follows you and can be visible via the Twitter search.
  • Reply: Communicate with someone online by starting your Tweet with their handle. Keep in mind that only those who follow you and the one you are talking to can see these replies. Besides, the posts will be public but just not available to all Twitter users.
  • Retweet: Share a message from someone else with your followers. Retweets are popular with trending topics on Twitter. This can also be interesting or relevant information.
  • Hashtag: When searching on Twitter, most people tend to use hashtags. These can make it easier for you to find the topic you want. You can think of hashtags like keywords, which you add at the end of your tweet.
  • Direct Message: Twitter also has a private message option where you can chat with other users. These messages are private and can only be viewed by the sender and the recipient.

Tips To Communicate Like A Pro On Twitter

If you want to communicate on Twitter like a professional, then follow these tips below:

  1. Your image is very important: If you are planning to use Twitter for your business, then work on your image. Share quality and useful content, and the platform will connect you with qualified people.
  2. Keep up to date: Twitter is the best platform for you to find out the trending topics and news. So, if you want to seem professional, then keep up with the recent topics. You can also measure your reputation by tracking your progress and finding out what people are saying about you.
  3. Reach out directly to your consumers: Twitter is the best platform for you to speak directly to your customers. You can directly contact them and build a personal relationship. Do not forget to reply to those who mention you or say thanks to those who speak good of you.
  4. Increase your visibility: Speak with brand ambassadors, customers, and influencers. Follow people that are outside your network and interact with them to increase your visibility online.


When it comes to powerful communication tools, then Twitter is one of the best. You can use it professionally as a networking tool, building your brand, connecting with others, and so much more. If you want to be visible, then post useful information regularly and do not forget to respond to replies.

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