How Social Dating Affects Us During The Holidays [Infographic]

As we stroll deep into the holiday season, we often times reminisce about the past year and all of the good and bad lessons we have learned, especially from relationships. We reflect about where we are in our lives since this is the season we gather together with loved ones and celebrate what is meant to be a joyous time. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, but how jolly do we get when it comes to online dating during the holidays?

No longer do we completely depend on offline social engagements to meet that special someone. We have integrated online dating into our overall dating experience. We’ve advanced greatly from the days in which we feared to even share a photo or our real name on the world wide web. Now we have evolved to allowing people we meet online into our offline lives and into our hearts. This is a significant change in less than a decade, and it has proven in many cases to be successful. The holiday season apparently makes us more flirtatious with over half of us willing to festively flirt, meet, or go dashing into a new relationship from an online dating site.

Perhaps it is the mistletoe during the holidays that intensifies our need for a significant other, for right now or for…ever. Or, perhaps it comes from us watching couples skating hand-in-hand or rocking around the Christmas tree with their glowing smiling faces and mugs of hot cocoa. Either way, we most certainly long for someone to make snow angels with or to playfully have a snowball fight.

As we get older, many of our social interactions outside of work diminish since we outgrow the club scene and staying home becomes more appealing. Since we already spend so much time online, social networking with a variety of people has become easily available at our finger tips. Online dating has become a significant way to meet someone new who shares the same interests as you, even during the holidays.

This also becomes extremely relevant as New Year’s Eve approaches and we long for someone to twinkle on our arms, to take to the party of the year, or to share in a magical midnight kiss as the new year rings in. In the following infographic called Festive Flirting by Tagged, you will be able to see the various stats that display how social dating affects us during the holidays, and just how festively flirtatious we can become.

Festive Flirting During The Holidays

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