Derbywire: Social Mobile Marketplace That Pays You For Your Content

The phrase ‘starving artist’ may soon be gone forever. There is a new social mobile marketplace that allows users to upload their content, put a price on it, and sell it, all from their smartphones. It’s called Derbywire, and it was designed specifically for creatives. These days, everyone is creative. Even people who have no experience in creating content are grabbing the attention of major brands. Now everyone can use this eCommerce platform to sell their content and make money in real-time.

For many years, I’ve heard my creative friends in social media talk about how much they wish there was a way to turn the content they put on Twitter, Facebook and other social sites into money. Almost everyone I know wants to somehow find a way to make money online to help offset all the time we put into social media. After all, there is a value to the original content we post. I’m going to share the Derbywire mobile marketplace with all my social media friends because this is the platform people have wanted for a long time. It’s a win-win setup for everyone since we can all get paid while being social at the same time.

Think of this mobile marketplace as a way for you to be an entrepreneur on the go. You’ll be able to exchange unique photos, videos, audio and files. You’ll also be able to own and subscribe to organically beautiful content while connecting with the content and creators of the content you love. The best part of all this is that you’ll be getting paid in real-time, and you can manage it all from your smartphone.

One of the important aspects of the Derbywire mobile marketplace is that you don’t give up any rights to your content once you upload it. It’s yours. You own it, and it will always be that way. You’re in complete control. The community excludes third parties, and it’s a medium that allows users to manage and control their digital goods. You’ll be able to sell directly to companies and customers and receive real-time payments that go straight into your bank account. You can distinguish between the content you want to offer for free and the content you want to sell. And, yes, there is a system in place to help prevent content piracy.

Currently there are a total of 8 people who are passionately working on the Derbywire platform, and four of them are creatives. I asked founder and CEO Sharron Battle what makes this mobile marketplace different from all the other communities, and she had this to say.

Derbywire provides a community that allows people to be social and conduct mobile transactions via their smartphones. The transaction is similar to Square. Users can create a merchant account from the mobile app by just entering their bank account. Once that is created, they’ll be well on their way to posting their original content and getting paid for it. The site is encrypted and secure, and we protect user data.

Unlike Instagram, the Derbywire platform will allow you to separate categories of content and comment on content individually, which allows for a non-interruption in content streams. Users can easily get to the content they love or really want to see on a daily basis.

This is an innovative way to apply a social commerce concept to allow value to be created within a social ecosystem. Imagine what it would be like to wake up in the morning and own something. It’s your own business, and it’s right there for you to manage on your smartphone. You can advertise on the site for free, and at the same time, subscribe to all kinds of content like music, photos, videos, eBooks and more.

Derbywire is the first social, eCommerce, mobile marketplace for digital media. It is in a very good long-term position to compete with the eCommerce segment that is growing exponentially right now. Try it and tell us what you think!

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Derbywire – The Social Mobile Marketplace

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