Don’t Make These Facebook Mistakes With Your Company

Your company Facebook page is an essential part of your business and brand. If it’s well managed, it can lead to more fans, inquiries, and sales. But if you make some of the Facebook mistakes below, you could be costing yourself a lot of business.

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Writing Too Much

People use the internet constantly and there’s so much competition, it always pays to get your point across in as few words as possible. Sometimes a company may need to provide more details about a product or service on their Facebook page. But you can use too much text that turns off users and fans.

Studies show that posts with less text and photos get more engagement than text-only posts that are too long. Remember, less is usually more in advertising. So, try images and videos that get the idea across with fewer words. One study shows that posts that have less than 81 characters have ⅓ higher engagement.

That should be motivation enough to get you to whittle down your content. If you are having difficulty getting your Facebook ads and content on point, there are affordable Facebook marketing professionals who can help.

Not Using Watermarks

Your company did a lot of work to create impressive images for your Facebook marketing campaign. The images are optimized for every social network. But if you don’t put your company’s watermark on it, no one will know it came from you! This might sound like an uncommon problem, but it isn’t. Some marketers do everything right but neglect the essential watermark that gets people to their sites.

Not Listening To Customer Complaints

Many people who work in social media say nothing undermines your brand faster than ignoring customer complaints. When customers post a negative review on your Facebook page, the damage can be minimized if you respond promptly and effectively. After all, most people know no one is perfect and some people are impossible to please.

When you see a negative comment on your Facebook page, provide a response as soon as you can. Ideally, it should be within an hour or less of the post. There are several effective ways to handle the problem. You might give the client or customer a quick solution to the issue in your response. Another way is to provide your personal email address to address the matter privately.

Posting Too Much

It’s tempting to post every great thing going on with your company. Or to share posts that you think will lead to user engagement. Good posts are important, but you may be posting too much. Some companies report they used to make four or five Facebook posts and a dozen Tweets per day. That’s too much.

One firm wasn’t getting the response they wanted, so they dialed posts back to once or twice per day on Facebook. Engagement increased 300%. Reducing the number of posts meant users weren’t overwhelmed with content. Plus, it forced the company to pare things down to the absolute best content.

Putting The Same Content On Several Platforms

Most of us know how much work is involved in making great content. But if you post that video on your Facebook page, think twice about using the same content on Twitter and Instagram, and others. There can be too much of a good thing. And posting the same thing over and over rarely leads to more user engagement.

Facebook can be one of the best ways to engage with fans, prospects, and customers. But there are many mistakes that can drive people away. Avoid these, and you should have more people engaging with your brand.

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