Drunk Tweeting: Dangers Of Tweeting Under The Influence [Infographic]

If you’ve gotten on Twitter or Facebook after having a bottle of wine at dinner or one too many beers at a picnic, you are not alone. You know it’s happening when suddenly it becomes a great idea to start taking selfies and tweeting them to your ex or trash-talking your boss to all your followers. Some people loosen up with a glass of wine, and it makes a night on Twitter more fun. But usually, getting on Twitter when you’re under the influence of alcohol is not a good idea.

The end result from a night of drunk tweeting can be embarrassing to say the least. There have been many apps developed that try to save people from this situation. The drunk tweeting equivalent of the ‘walk of shame’ is deleting a page full of regretful tweets in the morning. Apparently it’s even worse if you get on Facebook when you’re tipsy, but regardless, it’s a situation you want to avoid if possible.

Since we all have easy access to our mobile apps, it can be very tempting to tweet when we probably shouldn’t. Hopefully this infographic will remind you of why it might be best to think twice before sending that tweet when you’ve had a few too many. It’s called Are You Sure You’re Cool To Tweet Right Now? (by Addvocate).

It breaks down drunk tweeting into 7 levels. As you see, if you’ve only had 2 drinks, it’s perfectly fine to get on Twitter. The risk is low at that point. However, once you hit that 3rd drink (and definitely the 4th drink), it might be best to give your smartphone to your best friend to hold so you won’t be tempted to embarrass yourself (and also, drink a glass of water).

Full disclosure – I remember a night a few weeks ago…I was very upset, and I typed some inappropriate things in email to someone I work with every day while under the influence of some very tasty chardonnay. Although I woke up the next day completely mortified at my lack of professionalism, I’m still thankful I didn’t get on Twitter or Facebook that night. Hey, it can happen to anyone.

Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve been caught red-handed tweeting under the influence. Just make fun of yourself, forgive yourself, and let it go. After all, they say “a drunk man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts.” If you read this entire article yet you still choose to get on social media when you are under the influence of your favorite alcoholic beverage, well, you can always download the Last Night Never Happened App.

7 Dangers Of Tweeting Under The Influence

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