Elder Mark Moore Jr’s 3 Proven Ways To Maximize Social Media For Ministry

Church communications expert, Elder Mark Moore Jr, believes in the usefulness of social media to bring people together. As such, he encourages all ministries to increase their social media engagement for the sake of existing members and broader awareness. Here are three recommendations for maximizing an organization’s social media, according to Elder Mark Moore Jr.

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1. Start with A Mission Statement, And Create A Plan To Unpack That Mission In Actionable Ways Online

A church’s social media engagement should be consistent, both in its content and in its frequency. Due to the fact that a ministry is more spiritually and socially focused, mission is of utmost importance to social media branding.

Mission Statement

According to Elder Mark Moore Jr, a mission statement should be broad enough to be bigger than the organization and specific enough to make a difference. See here for a list of some of the best mission statements other nonprofits have created to help get your mind moving.

Whoever is tasked with managing the organization’s social media should have a clear understanding of the mission statement and how that mission ought to manifest itself in its social media presence.

Building Objectives

What does the organization want to accomplish with their social media? For example, is the goal to get more views/likes/comments? Is the goal to spread the word about and get people to RSVP to events? Elder Mark Moore Jr says that answering these questions will focus the ministry’s social media efforts and target the right people on the proper channels.

Creating A Message

Social media managers must be able to be clear and compelling in how they post online. The message (or messages) must be memorable and consistent with the mission statement. Most of all, the message should clearly identify the call to action for viewers. A proper call to action – such as, “RSVP Now,” “Click HERE to learn more,” and “Donate Today” – will make it easier for the organization to reach its social media objectives.

2. Choose The Right Channels

Not all channels are equal, and not every channel is best suited for every objective. A few channels are “standard” channels, but Elder Mark Moore Jr says the rest depend a great deal upon who the audience is and where they already exist online.

The Standard Channels For Churches

Most church organizations use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Social media managers should carefully investigate which social media channels are most widely used by existing church members and local residents.


According to Elder Mark Moore Jr, video is great for churches, as it allows for online uploading of sermons and announcements. These videos are free and easy to spread on YouTube with a properly branded YouTube channel.


Social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest are perfect for sharing pictures from events or everyday life of church members. Elder Mark Moore Jr notes that it is important; however, to be mindful of the fact that some church members may not appreciate being published online. If appropriate, be sure to have any people in pictures agree via photography waver.


Many social media professionals convert teaching aids into infographics, which are summaries of information in a visually pleasing way. According to Elder Mark Moore Jr, infographics are a critical strategy as they leave a lasting impression on the viewer. The same social media channels that love pictures will also be drawn towards infographics.

3. Pursue Organic Engagement

While it is not a bad thing for churches to pay to promote social media posts, organic engagement (that is, social media users “liking” and “sharing” of their own accord) is the most powerful resource to help grow a social media network.

Engaging Church Members

Elder Mark Moore Jr says it is essential that current members be involved in a ministry’s social media strategy, as it ensures everyone is aligned on the goals of the church. Sometimes, social media objectives can include purely functional goals, such as informing church members of a service cancellation or updating them on another member’s recovery. But even in non-functional formats, current church members will be the key to engaging and promoting social media posts organically.

Engaging Non-Church Members

Church ministries that promote local events or causes in their community will be seen and engaged with by non-church members, as well. These are just as valuable and can increase brand recognition to those outside the church.

Elder Mark Moore Jr is a Pastoral Assistant at Faith Covenant Church in Atlanta, Georgia. He is also CEO of The Moore Group. Mark’s passion for connecting and serving others has led him to become a mentor for digital communication, namely social media for churches.

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