Facebook Fan Pages Are More Than Trophy Walls

Is Your Community Fan Page Guilty Of Being A Trophy Wall?

You know the ones, they only post “community service events?” Guess why you don’t have many “likes,” comments and participation?


With the plethora of opportunities, your Facebook presence has gotten stale. Why are you wasting it as just a trophy wall? You know, the ribbon cutting pictures, the kumbaya moments where everyone is picking up litter, and the pat me on the back moments that create no reason for people to participate past a surface level “good job.”

Here is your eggshell breaking moment

Your community wants to share with you their wants, likes and needs so that together you can reach a mutual goal.
Break your eggshell opening opportunities

Why are you wasting that opportunity by treating your fan page like a bulletin board?

Yes, it is good to spread the love and recognize people in your community with pictures of events and accomplishments. That is a given, but it should not be the purpose of your communication.

Your purpose is to create a space where the community comes to connect, discuss and learn from each other. Find new ways to support each other in your separate as well as mutual goals and solutions.

  1. Are you looking at how to partner with the restaurants in your community to drive awareness, attention and business their way?
  2. Are you making opportunities to spotlight the local day care centers helping your community support each other in their growth?
  3. Are you bringing up local government issues that address your residents’ needs to generate public dialogue, giving a collective voice to your community?

When will you look passed the superficial ways to leverage your time and resources in social media?

When will you craft a strong purpose with an insightful strategy so you are truly serving your community?

That is when you will find government, developers and businesses willing to step up and play an active role with you and your facebook fan page.


You just gave them a reason to be part of the collective voice in your community.

It’s not about YOU, it’s about them.

Give birth to this…

creating solid communities on facebook

Image Credits: [Atlantic Song] [Flickr / Christocollin]