Facebook Psychology: The 36 Faces Of Facebook Fans [Slideshow]

If you have a Facebook fan page, have you ever taken the time to go through all the people who have connected with you? It’s a fun process, and every time I go through who is connected with us at Bit Rebels, I learn a lot of new things from many new people. It’s such a great form of networking, and if you look closely, you’ll even start to see that certain Facebook fans have certain Facebook habits. There is a bit of what I would call a Facebook psychology going on there, and you might even be one of the people who is following a predictable pattern.

According to this very well put together, humorous slideshow called 36 Faces Of Facebook: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly by Soap Creative, there are 36 very distinct and individual personality types that are part of this Facebook psychology. On Slideshare they wrote, “Like any large ecosystem, Facebook’s billion-strong audience presents a fascinating glimpse into the sheer variety of fans that swarm to brand pages…”

Just like with any large group of people, these 36 different types of Facebook personalities run the gamut. Some are super annoying, some are fun, some are quirky and some make you want to log off there immediately. About a year ago, I wrote about a different kind of Facebook psychology in an article called Women’s Facebook Photos. If you think these reading about these 36 Facebook personalities is kinda creepy, try reading about the Facebook psychology behind the photos that many women post. Ewww…I makes us all seem like insecure puppets. The Facebook fans that we have on our Bit Rebels page are all wonderful. We have over 25,000 fans there, and we’ve never had a problem with anyone. To me, it’s the perfect group of people, and we have a lot of fun there. If you have liked us on Facebook, thank you very much!

Facebook Psychology – The 36 Faces Of Facebook Slideshow


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