Facebook Usage Is On The Decline…So Who’s Next? [Infographic]

This is a very exciting time that we live in because our generation is witnessing not only the rise of social media in real time, but the rise of the Internet in general. Our children are the first generation of digital natives, and I have no doubt they will have a lot of questions later in life about what it was like back in 2012 and 2013. We are learning as we go, and the generation after us will benefit from all that we’ve figured out. After all, our journey is chronicled on the web, so our successes and failures will be right there for our great grandchildren to read about. Let’s take Facebook for example. What will that be like in 10 years? Will it still be around? Facebook usage is on the decline, so maybe not.

We all know that the decline in Facebook usage is somewhat related to privacy issues. Facebook has lost our trust, and without online trust, your reputation is at stake. Without a good reputation, it’s hard to survive. We know that. However, according to an article here on Business Insider, there is more to the story. Young people have decided that Facebook isn’t cool anymore, and according to that article, “they’re abandoning it in droves.” The article goes on to say that many of those young people are staying on Instagram though, and since that is still under the Facebook umbrella, it complicates things a bit.

Many online sources are also speculating about what could happen to Facebook’s stock by the end of 2013. To top it all off, an article here on Forbes from last summer points out that Facebook usage has not only declined, but nobody cares about or is clicking on the ads. The bottom line is, Facebook is on the way out. Since there are over one billion users, it could take several years or a decade before they become another Myspace, but it appears to be an inevitability, or does it?

Who will be the next Internet giant when that happens? This infographic called With Facebook On The Decline, Who’s Next? (by SatelliteBroadbandISP.com), which is sort of confusing I’ll admit, shows some of the other have-beens that have somewhat tanked over time. Will Facebook become another one of those as Facebook usage continues to decline? Knowing how powerful that site is right now, it seems kind of strange to even think about it.

Facebook Usage Is Declining – Will It End Up Like These Others?

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