Google Going Social Media?

Google has come up with a personalized iGoogle: Social gadgets.  Social iGoogle gadgets let you share and have fun with people you know.  Gadgets with social features let you share the things you do with friends who have the same gadget as you. Here are some ways to use these types of gadgets:

* Share info: Gadgets like the YouTube gadget let you share interesting news from across the Web with people you know.
* Play games: Challenge your friends to games and track high scores across a group of players.
* Work together: Gadgets like the To-Do List gadget let you see the same information as your friends, and collaborate on projects — all on your iGoogle page.

Social gadgets are available only on and We’re working on making them available to all iGoogle users soon.  Google has added some features to your iGoogle homepage that will enable you to post updates and play games with friends.