Gross Out Your Friends With Your Profile Photos!

Our avatars usually get people’s first attention when they check out our profiles on social networking sites. Do you notice that the photo section gets more views when you upload new pictures? People are into taking photos and then sharing them. What if you want to add a little something unique to your photos? What if you want to make it a bit more interesting and fun?

I found a site that allows us to enhance our photos. is the ultimate tool in barf inducing photo enhancement. We like making fun of photos. Sometimes we even draw mustaches or horns on our own pictures or on the pictures of people we slightly do not like. Admit it, at one point in time we have done so in the past! I’m guilty as charged here. lol

All we need to do is go to the site and either upload an existing photo or use our web camera to take a snap shot. Then we can start using the different gross out graphics available to enhance the photos with funny scabs, scary eyes, teeth or fangs. Its fun! Go ahead and then share it with your friends!