Ultimate Success Guide For Retargeting On Facebook [Infographic]

It seems like most of the popular social sites have made some major changes this year. Some of these changes are significant, and they go far beyond just changing the size of cover photo for example. The social site that has probably made the most changes thus far in 2013 is Facebook. Facebook has made too many changes this year to list, and of course some of them are more important than others. In this article, we will focus on Facebook’s retargeting ads.

The Facebook retargeting ads rolled into the News Feed back in March, but they are about to become more significant than ever, or at least in my opinion. The reason for that is because the information in your News Feed itself is getting a whole lot more interesting, which is going to keep your eyeballs glued at whatever is in there – which might just be one of the many ads.

If you haven’t heard about how your News Feed is changing, you can read about it at Facebook Changes Feed To Aid The Less Boring. If you were ever going to do some retargeting on Facebook, this might be a good time to check it out.

This infographic called A Marketer’s Guide To Retargeting On Facebook (by MDG Advertising) will give you all the important information you need to know before getting started. It’s interesting that currently 65% of Facebook advertisers are currently running spots in the News Feed.

Ads in the News Feed are 21 times higher than other retargeting services and 49 times higher than the sidebar ads on Facebook. You can read more about this study and where this data came from on the MDG Blog. These stats definitely point to the fact that Facebook Exchange might be something to consider for your brand.

Ultimate Success Guide For Retargeting On Facebook

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