Have a Twitter Hangover? Learn How to Sleep at Work!

There is a quote that has been circulating on Twitter lately that goes something like this, “You may call it insomnia, I just say it’s more Twitter time!” I love that, and I wish I knew whom to credit for it.

It’s so true. Ask any Twitter addict, I betcha they will admit to sacrificing their sleep more than once to keep on tweeting! That is one of the best parts of Twitter, no matter what time it is, there are always friends online to talk to. It’s so much fun!

It is easy to get lost on Twitter and let the hours slip by. I’ve never known anything quite like it. For me, time definitely seems to speed by faster when I’m tweeting. It’s like the laws of physics don’t apply on Twitter. There is another quote that’s been circulating that I saw @AskAaronLee tweet. It reads, “TWITTER = (T)his (W)onderful (I)nternet (T)hing (T)hat’ll (E)ventually (R)uin your life

Whether Twitter is a gift from heaven or a vice out to destroy us all is a matter of opinion. Either way, I know there are a lot of people going to work in the morning sleepy because they stayed up too late the night before on Twitter. In the mornings, they often suffer from a Twitter hangover. This video will show you how to sleep at work and get away with it. This is great! If I had a regular job, with a regular boss, in a regular office, I would totally try this just for fun!

How To Sleep At Work on Howcast