How To Bypass OkCupid Phone Number Verification

OkCupid is an American-based globally operating online dating and friendship online website and application, available on both Android and iOS. Launched in 2004, apart from online dating, formerly it was also a social networking website. It requires no registration fee.

According to OkCupid, they are highly dedicated to helping individuals find love and happiness through meaningful connections with their unique algorithm that matches two individuals based on what actually matters.

They quite proudly claim that they are the only dating application that connects individuals on the application based on their interests, quirks, and beliefs. Therefore, finding people you are interested in is quite easy and straightforward with OkCupid. In addition, those who identify themselves as pansexual also get the option of “I’m open to everyone.”

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It is an alternative and a big competitor to other online dating applications like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge.

And just like all these dating websites and applications, when a user wishes to sign up with OkCupid, they need to go through a verification process. After that, the user can either log in through their email or enter a phone number to create an account and join OkCupid successfully.

After entering the phone number, the application sends a 6-digit verification code to the registered mobile number for unique user verification and a successful and secure login process.

However, if a user does not wish to enter their actual phone number and bypass the verification process, they can do so using sim-based online phone number services.

Is It Possible To Bypass OkCupid Phone Number Verification?

While there are several ways to sign in to OkCupid, like entering your email address or mobile number, it is not possible to bypass the phone number verification process if you wish to go ahead with it.

Several OkCupid members have filed complaints regarding a large number of scammers and pretentious entities. Unfortunately, OkCupid suffers a lot of such scammy people who pretend to be eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in order to get and steal money and private and sensitive information from the genuine members of the application. This dark side of the application makes it critical to have reliable security and a phone number verification process in place.

Therefore, to sign in to OkCupid, entering a valid and registered mobile number is now a requirement and extremely critical. In addition, if you need to create an account or already have an account, entering a mobile number is necessary to send messages or intros.

This phone verification and confirmation help OkCupid keep the user’s (yours) account secure and safe, making it a much easier and convenient login process for both the users and the application- a clear win-win.

Get help from OkCupid if you face any trouble while signing in through your mobile number or any SMS verification-related issues. You could also try SMS-MAN.

So if the answer is no, how can you bypass the verification process and continue using the OkCupid website or application to find your ideal match?

The answer is through sim-based phone verification services. Let us see how.

Bypassing Okcupid With Sim-Based Online Phone Verification

The only way to bypass OkCupid phone number verification is to either use a different phone number or using a sim-based verification service.

Some main reasons why you wish to use a virtual or sim-based online phone number to sign in to OkCupid are:

You get a message saying that your mobile number is already in use.

You can only create one account with a single phone number. So, suppose you already have an account or someone else has created their OkCupid account using your mobile phone number. In that case, you can go for an online sim-based phone number to verify yourself as a unique candidate and create your OkCupid account.

Your mobile phone number is not working.

Another reason why you can opt for temporary online sim-based phone number services is that your entered phone number is not valid or does not work, and you do not receive any six-digit code on the entered number for the further process.

Such cases usually happen when the mobile number is incompatible with the application. However, you also need to be careful and make sure that you enter the right and accurate phone number with the valid country code to prevent such situations. If the problem still persists, you know your options.

There are several such services that provide you with a fake or temporary mobile phone number, so you do not have to use your actual phone number to sign in to the application or the website.

When you opt for these services, they let you rent a temporary phone number based on your particular country or location, which you can enter when you sign in to OkCupid. Once you enter this phone number that does not belong to you, you will receive a six-digit verification code. You need to enter this code to verify your identity, and upon successful verification, you can successfully begin using the website or application.

Several country phone numbers like the USA and non-US based ones like Europe, and more are available to rent as temporary phone numbers.

These phone number verification services that do not actually need you to reveal your actual phone number by providing fake phone numbers are extremely cost-efficient and a better alternative than getting a new sim card altogether, which costs more than most of these services.


The several U.S. and non-U.S.-based individuals opt for temporary sim-based mobile phone verification services to bypass the phone verification step on the dating application like OkCupid. Irrespective of your reason, you can leverage the benefits of these services with ease at a much affordable and cost-efficient rate.

Even though you cannot actually bypass the phone verification step, you can substitute it with using a temporary phone number without actually entering your own phone number- working or not. They are safe, secure, convenient, and easy to use that let you go through the phone number verification step and create your OkCupid account within a matter of a few seconds without any limits or restrictions.

Thus, do your research and opt for a reliable and suitable phone number verification service to sign in to OkCupid without entering your real phone number, create your account, and find your ideal match for life.

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