How Your Company Can Benefit More From Social Media [Infographic]

Social media for business is evolving at a very fast pace right now. It has always moved and developed quickly, but in the past it was just a matter of building a strong social media presence, which was mostly used for marketing. In 2013, social media for business has started to evolve passed that. It’s now moving into a whole new dimension. If your company is interested in capitalizing on all that social media has to offer, you’ll soon see how you can benefit more from your efforts.

According to LinkedIn, the most exciting innovation of 2013 is the maturation of social media for business. If you want to see the 40-second video they produced around this point, you can click on that link. This basically requires a shift in thinking.

Consider this…instead of using social media for primarily marketing; why not integrate it into your entire company culture? Why not use it so you and your customers benefit more throughout the entire customer life cycle? Businesses on the cutting edge of technology are already doing this effectively and experiencing the results.

In this infographic called How A Social Business Can Benefit From A Single Social Signal by Rignite, you will see how you can benefit more from your business social media efforts. According to their website, the ways you can benefit more are (but not limited to): Increasing brand awareness, getting more customers, increasing the lifetime value of customers, keeping customers happy, finding new marketing opportunities, getting your pricing strategies right, increasing operational efficiencies, attracting and retaining talented employees and getting industry insights to make better informed business decisions.

In the infographic below, you’ll see some real life social media situations where operating from this perspective could really allow you to benefit more from social media and stay ahead of your competition.

How Your Company Can Benefit More From Social Media


Via: [Social Media Today]