How Facebook Helps Brands Think & Act Globally [Infographic]

I talk to people in business all day long, and I’m still surprised at how many companies haven’t embraced doing business globally. Since almost everything I do is online, it’s just natural that my closest friends and business associates live in other countries. However, for a lot of people, that is still a very foreign concept. If I was trying to grow a business that wasn’t equipped to attract people from all over the world, my first priority would be to change that as quickly as possible.

I’ve heard some people say that the reason they don’t do business globally is because of their concerns about fraud and security. To me, that is very similar to saying that you won’t post a real picture on Facebook or sign up for Twitter because you think engaging online with strangers is risky. That argument may have worked a decade ago, but everything is moving toward global commerce these days, and it’s time to broaden our views, don’t you think? Sure, there are certain policies, procedures and standards which are important to know if you are conducting business in different geographical locations, but those are definitely things you can easily learn.

If you are a brand that is ready to embrace more global consumers, how do you even go about starting that process? This infographic called Think Global Act Global created by Socialbakers sheds a little light on how some brands are taking their Facebook marketing to the next level. They are finding ways to use Facebook to spur international growth and reach out to people they may not have been able to attract before. Some of the stats on this infographic are staggering, and it really illustrates not only how important it is to think globally, but also what a powerful tool Facebook can be in the process of moving in that direction.

Global Brands and Facebook Infographic

The world flag below was created by deviantART user ~atillawolf. I thought this was such a beautiful piece of relevant art for this topic, so I wanted to share it with you.

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Via: [Litman Live] Header Image Credit: [deviantART / atillawolf]