How To Help Your Child With A Career In Social Media

Social media has come long way from the days of only posting food and coffee pics. These days, it’s a multi-million-dollar business where posting a picture can net an influencer thousands. Your child may even want to pursue a job in this field. However, there’s a lot more to the world of social media than just influencing. In this article, we’ll be listing off some of the top jobs your child can get in social media.

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Getting The Education You Need

While you don’t exactly need a college education for this career, it’s highly recommended your child obtains a BA in communications or journalism. However, the cost of college can be very demanding, which can throw a huge wrench into your child’s plans. But as the parent, you can step in as their cosigner.

Cosigning on your child’s student loans can help to acquire the funds they need for their education. It’s also not a one-sided deal; you’ll be eligible to write off around $2,000 or more on your taxes.

Social Media Manager

Starting off, we have one of the most well-known careers in the industry: social media manager. A social media manager may sound simple; you manage the engagement, conversions, and overall quality of an account. However, that’s not all there is to the job.

Social media managers are also responsible for devising and implementing content strategies to keep the audience hooked. You’ll also oversee engagement by answering everyone’s inquiries. The average salary of a social media manager can range from $65,000 to $130,000.


A copywriter is an individual who creates messages tailored to a company’s social media account. Like a manager, they can oversee multiple different platforms. Copywriters are responsible for writing engaging and meaningful posts, which typically range from 200 words to as little as 150 characters. As a copywriter, you can expect to make $55,000 to as much as $95,000 per year.

Video Editor

Videos are what’s currently mainstream for social media these days. In fact, it’s why platforms such as TikTok and YouTube are some of the most used forms of social media to date. Because of this, video editors are in very high demand. However, editing videos is not as simple as it sounds. Sure, pretty much anyone can add their favorite song to a video or mute the audio.

But when we’re talking about more advanced edits, like adding sound effects and creating transitions, most people bring in a video editor. The average salary of a social media editor is around $50,000 to $60,000. Like a social media manager, your pay can be increased to more $100,000.

Graphic Designer

Every social media brand needs to have their own unique identity, and no one can provide that better than a graphic designer. Graphic designers are responsible for creating company logos, developing layout for advertisements, and even creating special effects on posts.

It’s possible to be a graphic designer by simply messing around in Adobe Photoshop, but the best way to learn is to obtain a BA in graphic design. Graphic designers can earn an average salary of $22 to $35 an hour depending on the position.

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