How To Implement Academic Writing Skills When Promoting Social Media Content

The first-moment students get an essay to write, and they immediately mark it as a daunting task. No one really believes academic writing can be of use. So, the first thing they do is complete the assignment as fast as possible and never bother with it again.

No one actually stops to think about the skills they have acquired from writing such essays. But, what if we told you, it’s possible to implement your academic writing skills to promote your media content? It may sound impossible, but here, we will show you how.

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Getting Into The Social Media Business

With millions of people actively using social media platforms, promoting your content on all these platforms is a clear link to success. But, what exactly have academic writing skills anything to do with content promotion? Selena Williams, an experienced essay writer who used to work at a writing service agency, decided to shed some light on this question.

After three consecutive years of working as a writer in the agency, she decided to switch to blogging, managing to become more successful than she ever hoped to be. “I wanted to become a blogger, just for fun. I didn’t see it as a business at first. But, then, I realized my writing skills could help me do a lot more. That’s why I decided to switch to blogging full-time.”

Valuable Tips From A Successful Writer

Academic writing is all about concise, clear, structured, and focused essays supported by evidence. You don’t need to write long and complicated sentences or to use intricate vocabulary, explained Selena. Instead, it’s all about getting right to the point and sticking with the idea.

Creating successful blogs is not that different from academic writing. In fact, it has the same key points that bring in the most traffic for a successful promotion like:

  • Short sentences
  • Conversational vocabulary
  • Right-on-point structure
  • Data supported by reliable websites, etc.

Techniques Obtained From Academic Writing

To achieve her goal, Selena used five different techniques she learned as an academic writer, and they are:

  • Time Management
  • Quality writing
  • Resourcefulness
  • Selectiveness
  • The ability to stick to patterns and guidelines

It takes a long time to make an academic essay supported by research. So, working out a proper schedule can make the whole process a lot easier. That’s where her time-management skills came in handy, said Selena.

Her academic writing skills helped her manage her time more efficiently. She can make the most of it just by planning all the work she has to do ahead. “The more you work, the better you get. It’s all about writing as much content as possible to perfect your skills. If there is a topic that doesn’t suit your style, you can always keep trying.”

All of your hard-earned skills will come from researching topics, said Selena. Sometimes these topics will be incredibly difficult, but the more you study, the more information you will uncover. Giving up is never an option. Using different sources makes you more resourceful, so the next time you have to work on a different topic for your blog, you will know how to find whatever you are looking for.

You must use a variety of words to keep your content engaging and fun. If you don’t know how to do that, you can always check the article here. You will also improve your vocabulary and create original custom blogs.

This will keep the fans locked on to reading your content to the very end. If you want to enrich your vocabulary to get more people to read your content, you can always check out this article and see all the tips you can find online.

Why Are Academic Writing Skills Important?

  • It’s all about finding that golden nugget in a sea of information.

Once you have all the experience obtained as a skilled academic writer, it will be much easier for you to select the information you need. In other words, you will make original articles that will drive more traffic, suggests Selena. It’s all about keeping your writing business up and running.

If you are looking for dissertation writing, then the best option would be to get help from professional dissertation writers. Any work that requires too much research takes a lot of time to complete. There are some text elements that you might miss, so if you have a doctoral thesis that you think is difficult to achieve, you can always check for a dissertation writing service.


Keeping your social media business thriving should be your primary goal. It may seem strange, but academic skills can be immensely helpful for promoting social media content. Not only do they bring more traffic in, but they also keep the old fans interested and new ones coming back for more.

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