How To Optimize Your Instagram And Get More Followers

Every day, more and more people create a new Instagram account so there’s tremendous competition to get your images, videos and stories viewed and liked by the right people. It’s hard to find unique content that engages others and grows your Instagram following. If you’ve been trying to boost your Instagram likes, increase your Instagram following and get more views on Instagram, but you’re fighting an uphill battle then this piece will help you to achieve the ultimate – Instagram fame!

Instagram is the second biggest social networking platform, it comes just behind Facebook so it’s the right place to showcase your business or to become a recognized Instagram influencer, with 1 billion users, (and growing daily), there’s plenty of opportunities to go after.

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Of course, you can use paid promotions and sponsor your post, you can even buy genuine Instagram followers from a reputable company like 1394TA – with real accounts that will follow your feed. Take a look at our tips below to optimize your Instagram and get more followers today.  It might be useful to you to also get to grips with the Instagram algorithm so you’re always one step ahead, click here for more:

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Buy Instagram Followers

For an instant boost, there’s nothing better than buying Instagram followers but be careful where you get your new Instagram followers from. It’s always better to choose a reputable service, like 1394TA. Our Instagram service provides genuine followers with real, live accounts. We also provide Instagram views and can get Instagram likes. It’s very affordable and you’ll start to see instant growth to your Instagram account.

Your following steadily grows over a period of 24 to 48 hours.  Once you have a bigger following, your Instagram account will become visible to even more people, and you’ll get more views on Instagram.  Your content will also gain more likes.

Interact With Other Users

You do need to give back to others if you want them to follow your Instagram account and build more followers.   So, seek out similar Instagram accounts to yours.  Look at what Instagram recommends you follow; it has a superb algorithm that recognizes your type of account and your interests.

You can check your recommendations by using keywords in your chosen area, putting them in the search bar and clicking on people, then searching for the right matches.  You can also search hashtags – these are keywords that people highlight in their content. For example, if you’re looking for make-up, use the hashtag #makeup etc.  Keep it simple, you can narrow it down further later on when you’re comfortable with using hashtags.

Post At The Right Time of Day

Easier said than done but if you post at the right time, you should get more Instagram views.  It’s about finding out when your audience is most active.  To do this, spend time monitoring Instagram and perform some analysis.  Try posting at different times over a week and see how many likes on Instagram you get and how many views – as well as whether you collect more followers on Instagram.

Use Instagram Stories To Get The Word Out

These are micro-stories that appear right at the top of your feed.  There is a cross icon next to your image, simply select this and create a story.  It could be multiple images, a mini-video, or an animation.  Use the filters available, tag your locations and use the gifs that Instagram provide.

These are great ways to get views, especially when you use a hashtag as stories, like your content, are searchable.  Your story can also be live and then other users join in – they can comment too.  This is ideal to get a conversation going, by talking to other users you generate engagement, especially if they like what you have to say!

Use the Instagram Save Feature

Posts can be saved by others, and you want them to save your posts as this boosts the Instagram algorithm and makes your posts more visible to others.  Try and be as unique as possible and ask people to save your post – perhaps reward them if you offer a service or sell products, maybe offer a discount for every user that saves your post? Or give your users valuable tips which will encourage them to save your content.

Reply To User Comments

You should always reply to comments left on your post because then people will come back to what you’ve said and again, feel valued.  So, if someone comments, say thank you or ask a question to encourage a conversation.  If you can, always reply straight away although obviously this isn’t possible every time, however, whatever you do, respond to your comments as this encourages people to follow you.

Use Photographs With People And Faces

Did you know that posts with faces get 38% more engagement than posts without faces?  So don’t be shy – be sure to publish plenty of content involving people.  It humanizes your brand and makes the user connect with you, it’s far better than a faceless post!

Plan Your Instagram Posts In Advance

If you’re time-poor then the best thing to do is plan out your Instagram content over a 7-day period with 3 posts a day, morning, afternoon, and evening (or when you know you get your best audience engagement).  Of course, if you have something interesting to say in-between, post away!

Planning in advance is an excellent way of keeping your account active, especially when you know you’re going to be too busy to post. Here is a useful page for you to create Instagram Content Calendar

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