How To Run An Instagram Account If You Are An Interior Designer

Many questions worrying designers, overnight decided the Internet: find your audience, broadcast a unique style, keep in touch with potential customers. And, most importantly, it gives the opportunity not to break through the printed editions with endless requests for publications, but to be always in front of them, stay in demand and motivate editors to write their own disks How exactly? We have prepared a detailed analysis of techniques that are successfully used by designers.

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Blogging Is A Job

Just recently, the word “blogger” caused a smile: “What can one person do in the information space, when huge editors work hard, write, take pictures from morning to midnight,” – mistakenly assumed retrogrades. Meanwhile, personal blogs absorbed the audience and systematically took readers into their friendly embrace.

Design For A Designer

When the decorator sees a harmonious interior, where every detail is verified and carefully weighed, he immediately understands that such a picture was created not a month or two, and sometimes a few years. This is the visual feature of Instagram’s personal pages: the gallery of photos grows and multiplies. That’s why it’s always recommended to use mockups  (box mockups) for simplification.

Keep It Simple And People Will Reach Out

No publication of any of the world-famous decorators-bloggers will never start and will not end with the words “order a design project by phone. On the contrary, they generously share advice, help unselfishly, and as if in breaks between bloggers, create to order stunning interiors.

For those who can’t turn to Instagram for financial reasons, you can add the heading Total Price on the page, and show three versions of collages of furniture and decor for creating a stylish interior for free.

Your Friend

A personal page on the fact that you alone talk to your subscribers and thousands listen to you. They come to you for inspiration, help, and advice. From words to deeds once passed Mandy Kellogg Rye, when the number of its subscribers exceeded tens of thousands, and questions about where to buy such as in publications, decor, blown up the blogger’s mailbox. Mandy opened her own online interior design store as well as a design bureau that professionally works on behalf of her blog readers.

It is noteworthy that looking at the page of the girl, it is difficult to guess about her profession: food, travel, shoes, handbags, ice cream, and only occasionally the interior. The interior is just a part of a modern girl’s busy life. And as if by accident, between shopping and dinner, Mandy runs her business empire.

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