How To Run A Social Media Travel Account

Getting ahead on social media isn’t always easy. It might seem like it is for some people, but the chances are those successful accounts with thousands of likes and comments have worked very hard to get where they are. That, or they were struck by some random luck – something you cannot count on.

Making a name for yourself as a traveling influencer isn’t just about taking pretty snaps while on vacation. It requires a good eye, dedication, and a genuine interest in traveling and different cultures. Here’s how to do it.

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Find Easier Ways To Travel

To run a social media travel account, you need to travel – a lot. You can’t milk those two vacations you took in one year! It’s important to find easier and cheaper ways to travel, as this will ensure you get enough content. If you want to take the road-trip route, look for used trucks so that you can take a lot of items with you. With a pickup, you can get up and go at a moment’s notice. If you plan on getting on lots of airplanes, use frequent flyer discounts so that you don’t have to spend as much money.

Learn To Take Better Pictures

Images bring more engagement than just text. Plus, for a good traveling account, photos are essential. Due to these, you must learn to take even better pictures. Don’t settle for a quick snapshot of the sea! Think about angles, the focus, the lighting – everything that goes into taking a great photograph. After all, you have to compete with travel accounts run by professional photographers.

Schedule Your Posts

Remembering to post every day is easier said than done, which is why you should schedule your posts. Create a bunch of posts in one go, and then schedule them so that they get released over time. That way, your social media accounts will never be stagnant. While this is a helpful method, it’s important to note that you will still need to be online and present to respond to comments.

Post Helpful Information

With so many travel blogs and influencers out there, it’s no longer enough to take landscape pictures wearing a pretty bikini – you have to give genuinely helpful advice to your followers. In your posts, include travel information that travelers can use. For example, you might know the best spots for honeymooning or how to get cheaper flights.

Keep Up With Trends

You can’t be successful on social media without keeping up with trends. Follow lots of relevant social media accounts to make sure you keep up with what’s relevant and then include those trends in your posts. Doing so will help boost engagement.

Be Authentic

People can spot fakery from a mile away, so be as authentic as you possibly can on your social media travel accounts. If you don’t like a product, don’t promote it. If you weren’t a fan of an area you traveled to, don’t recommend it. Stay authentic, and you will build a more loyal following.

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