How to Create a Bubble Tweet | Video on Your Twitter Page

Bubble Tweets are so much fun. They offer a way for you to connect with your Twitter friends in a more personal way since they allow you to talk to your followers instead of just using text. Before Bubble Tweets came along, the only way to show your followers a video was to upload it to YouTube and then tweet the link, but with Bubble Tweet, you will have a video that looks like it is right on your own Twitter page.

If you are unfamiliar with what a Bubble Tweet is, click here to see a quick illustration: Bubble Tweet is simply a URL redirect that sends you to a Twitter page and then displays a bubble which plays a video.

One of the best parts of Bubble Tweet, aside from being free, is that you do not have to register or enter your Twitter password into the site. You just enter your username, it will automatically recognize your webcam, you record up to 30 seconds, and then you will be given a bubble tweet URL to tweet! The bubble floats on top of your Twitter profile page. After your followers have viewed the bubble, it pops and then redirects them to your actual Twitter page. The site allows you to create up to three Bubble Tweets per day.

The applications for this app are endless. According to, you could even use this service for talking to potential employers which would give you an edge and help you find a new career. This whole process is very simple, very fun and very free. If you would like to follow Bubble Tweet’s creator on Twitter, you can go to @BubbleGuru. To create your own Bubble Tweet, just visit

This video explains the process very easily, you can set this up in five minutes!

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