7 Ways To Have A Healthy Relationship With Social Mediа

It is safe to say we all know someone connected to social media. If you are reading this, you are also probably connected to one of the major social media platforms. Whether it is YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or even some of the more hipster social media platforms like Dayre, it is undeniable that social media has a large impact on our everyday lives.

The advent of social media alluded to an era of interconnectivity and real-time awareness of our friends and family. The collection of memes, the discovery of hidden cultures on a week-long journey, your newborn baby, can all be shared to the world with just a simple tap on a screen. Yet on the flip side, things are not looking so great.

Social media, an originally well-intended creation, seems to be doing more harm than good. For those using it extensively, there are real-life implications that are more serious than previously thought.

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From a psychological point of view, exposure to social media can have a detrimental impact on an individual’s self-esteem. Social media’s ability to influence the minds of individuals is evident and reflected in a way some people portray themselves online. The constant need to stay up to date with fashion trends, buy a college essay, have the latest technological devices, or even just looking good in front of the selfie camera, is a phenomenon that cannot be suppressed. The extent that individuals will go to for just a few more likes or praises is almost unfathomable. From getting loans to doing plastic surgery, nothing seems too far-fetched when it comes to putting your best self forward on social media.

Behind the glamorous selfies, the outlook is harrowing. The number of adolescents suffering from eating disorders is increasing daily, along with the number of suicides from cyberbullying. Yet, like an addict, individuals still cling to the notion that social media is far more important than any real-life consequence, something that society has to fix sooner rather than later.

That is not to say all social media is bad. In fact, it is extremely possible to live in harmony within social networks, as long as you use it in moderation.

1. Take Control Of Your Real Life Problems

Understand that your real life is what truly matters. Take time to connect with yourself and get to know what some of your real life needs are.

2. Know Your Boundaries

Realize social media does not control you and do not let it control your life or your choices. Instead, make it a point to lay down some ground rules on some principles you would never compromise because of social media.

3. Remember Not Everything You See Is Necessarily True

Remind yourself that even candid posts from other people may be fabricated. Not everything you see online should be taken at face value. In fact, it is better to take them with a grain of salt. You never really know what goes on behind the “perfect photo”

4. Moderate Social Media Usage

Take some time off to disconnect from the online world and spend it with your loved ones instead. You could utilize some of the many restrictions people have endorsed, such as “keeping social media out of the bedroom” or “be selective of who you follow”.

5. Second Guess Your Post

As tempting as it is to post on an impulse, one must fully consider the consequences before doing so. The phrase the internet “never forgets” is exceptionally true in this situation. Just as you can easily post words out of anger, others can easily take a quick screenshot and you might soon find yourself in trouble.

6. Find Other Hobbies And Pastimes To Occupy Yourself

One of the most common reasons for spending time online is the lack of other interests. Finding a hobby that occupies your time will solve this problem while allowing you to learn something new and useful.

7. Seek Professional Help

Sometimes, it is okay to take a step back and allow yourself to receive help. Social media addiction is real and can have debilitating effects on our lives. Reach out to a professional today and get a second opinion if you feel like social media is taking over your life.

Social media was created to enhance your life, not to diminish its beauty in any way. So take control of it so it doesn’t control you. Should you ever find yourself in a tight spot, just refer to some of the tips above, and if you can, share them with someone you love.

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