How To Use Instagram To Grow Your Email List

Instagram is a great network for generating engagement and building your brand, but it is not perfect for generating sales. Don’t get me wrong, it does have features like Instagram shopping and it is introducing features such as Instagram checkout to drive more sales, but it isn’t the best platform to directly generating revenue. This is true with most social media.

The best way to generate sales is by building your email list. People on your email list are more likely to buy and you can build a stronger relationship with people as email is so private.

So, today I am going to show you how to use all the hard work you put into Instagram to grow your list. You can then use this list to generate sales…

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Create A Lead Magnet And A Basic Funnel

To get people to sign up to your email list, you need to give something in exchange. This is what you call a lead magnet. A lead magnet could be a video course or a white paper or an ebook. When you offer something in exchange for an email address you tend to get more sign-ups than just asking people to sign up for your newsletter.

Another benefit is that a lead magnet(s) will help you generate a specific type of subscriber. Based on what they sign up for you will know what their interests are and you can promote relevant offers and generate more sales.

So, make sure you do the research and create one or more lead magnets that your potential audience wants. After you create them you can create the other parts of the lead magnet funnel. This should include landing pages, thank you pages, email follow-ups, and a sales page promoting your main offer.

Add The URL To Your Bio

The next thing you must do is add the link to your bio. You need to do this as you can’t share links to pages in your in-feed posts. Your bio is the place you will need to ask your followers to go, every time you want email subscribers from a post.

Your bio URL can be a direct link to the landing page or it can be one of those special Instagram bio URLs that has a link to your landing page and other important pages on your website.

Make sure you also add a call to action to your bio that asks people to click on the link in the bio.

Publish Quality Content

The next thing you need to do is generate attention towards your lead magnet. The easiest way to do this is by publishing images and videos that tell people about your lead magnet. In these visuals, you can tease some of the contents in your lead magnet and ask them to get the rest.

Make sure that you include prominent calls to action in your videos and images that ask people to click on the link in your bio and sign up. Also, add a call to action in your captions as some people prefer reading captions.

But don’t try to ask people to sign up in each and every post. In some posts you might want to ask people to follow you as growing your following is also important. If you have more followers you will naturally get more sign-ups. Also, people who signed up already will not want to constantly see messages asking them to sign up.

So, work on growing your following by publishing top-quality content and asking people to follow you if they want to see more content like this. Building this following will take some time, so be patient. But If you want to quickly get some followers instead of having to wait, you might want to buy an Instagram account with a large following on a site like Fameswap.

Work With Influencers

Another way to reach a large following instantly is through influencer marketing. There are many influencers with hundreds and thousands of followers out there who will promote your lead magnet in exchange for a fee. So, reserve a budget for influencer marketing. But be careful about the influencers you work with. They shouldn’t just have a large following, but also high levels of engagement as a lot of influencers bulk up their followings with fake followers.

When you work with influencers make sure they change the link in their bio to the link to your lead magnet landing page and then ask their followers to sign up by clicking on the link in their bio.

Use Ads

If you don’t want to go through the process of finding and vetting new influencers constantly, you can try ads. It’s easy to scale your list building with ads. As all you require is an ad and a funnel that works. After that, you simply need to increase the budget to reach more people.


This is how you grow your email list with Instagram. If you want to generate more sales from your Instagram marketing make sure you follow this procedure instead of only relying on posts that promote your products directly.

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